Air Duct Replacement Kannapolis NC

Air Duct Replacment Kannapolis NC

Amazing Air Duct in Kannapolis NC also provide air duct replacement in Kannapolis NC.

Mostly home heating devices systems such as air and heat conditioners designed in a manner that they will be durable, though they need to be replaced from time to time. Air ducts are not openly kept; hence they can easily slip off the owners’ mind sometimes. Air ducts seem to be an appliance that needs no replacement, but In a real sense, they do since as they age metals begin to shift, creating gaps that compromise your indoor air quality. With time, air ducts experience duct tears or duct buildup, which results in the efficiency of the air duct system and leads to higher energy charges.

Why Replace Your Air Duct?

Air ducts get spoiled due to several aspects, for example, rodent damage, poor design, and age. Destroyed air duct leaks influence the indoor environment in the following two ways:

Air duct work leaks introduce impurities to the indoor circulating air. These impurities include asbestos, bacteria, pollen, dust, mites, mold, and other allergens.

Leaks in the duct cause ineffective indoor cooling since the cold air is lost before it circulates in the space. As a result, the HVAC system working more robust, which causes the consumption of more energy and driving your utility bills up.

Due to the above reasons, air ducts need replacement.

Signs You Need Air Duct Replacement

Sometimes your air duct is located in a crawl space, which makes it difficult to detect any problems. The following issues should make you alert to replace your air duct.

COLD AND HOT AREAS – When you are experiencing cooling and heating in specific parts of your home, it’s a sign you need an air duct. This effect may be as a result of some section of duct work which leads to other parts of your home may have collapsed or are leaking.

EFFICIENCY ISSUES – You have an estimation of energy that you use in a given period. Therefore if your energy use spikes up without any correspondence energy usage, then your air duct may have a problem and requires a replacement.

NOISE – Usually, air ducts work silently, but if your air duct is cracked or leaking, the air duct may produce sounds like rattling, whistling, rumbling, or creaking.

POOR AIR QUALITY – In cases when you have allergies or get asthma attacks, they increase due to high levels of allergens circulation around your air system. Because the air duct experiences a buildup of lint, dirt, dust, and allergens, the increase of allergies is the first sign that your air duct need to be replaced since changing the filters won’t solve the root issue.

NOT ENOUGH COOLING OR HEATING – If your home is not getting sufficient cooling or heating the potential causes would be collapsed, pinched, or leaking air duct

How Often to Replace Duct Work?

The air duct is essential; hence replacing them is crucial to avoid high utility costs and other disadvantages that come with leaking, pinched, or collapsed air duct. Therefore homeowners should replace air duct under the following circumstances:

  1. In 10-15 years, looking for a contractor who will change your air duct.
  2. Immediately when you move to a new home, you should change the air duct unless if you are aware that the previous owner had replaced the air ducts recently.
  3. You may also replace the air ducts frequently if you keep pets in your home. Because the pets shed dander and fur; hence air duct replacement is an effective time to time because it will prevent them from spreading throughout the house.
  4. when you have a remodeling project in your home, it is advisable after the project you change the air duct. Because construction project results in distributing sawdust throughout the home; hence this dust will extend to the duct.
  5. After construction of a new home, this is because the duct can accumulate debris from other materials or dry walls during development.


Duct work has a maximum 15-25 years lifespan, though after fifteen years ducts work functioning system begins deteriorating, which reduces the efficiency hence changing it is the prudent choice. It’s the high time homeowners should pay attention to their duct work to enhance productivity and prevent spread allergies.

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